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Welcome to Thrive Hockey, dedicated to the development of young hockey players in Central Alberta. We are a first class player development company focusing on the athlete’s mental and physical growth to enhance performance both on and off the ice.

Our Approach

Our approach empowers players by providing opportunities to climb their ‘performance ladder’ at their own pace through programs containing hands on development and leading edge techniques, information and tools.

 Our Staff

Our staff is extremely dedicated and passionate about the success of each individual they train. Thrive Hockey has instructors that were competitive athletes who understand the training and motivation needed to be successful. Their vast knowledge provides every Thrive athlete with the necessary tools to succeed and excel in their level of hockey.

Thrive holds training programs and tournaments throughout the year to assist young players in achieving the ultimate performance levels – we want you to Thrive!


“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours,
weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance
itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.”
  -T Alan Armstrong.

Thrive was founded in March, 2007 with the vision to make available to all skating athletes within Central Alberta the opportunity to become better players, reaching their full potential in sport and citizenship.

Thrive instructors have the technical knowledge, education and practical playing and coaching experiences that guarantee players individual development.

We believe in individuality. Everyone is unique and therefore requires a program that works for them. Our small group & individual training guarantees special individual attention to each players needs. There by maximizing the development potential of each thrive athlete.

We are committed to helping thrive athletes achieve success as they gain skills on their climb up the performance ladder. We know the skills they learn on the ice will be translated into their lives outside of the rink. It is our goal to help them become victors in life by building their championship character.

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