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From Minor Hockey to Pro and Everything in Between, we understand and help our athletes throughout every stage of their careers. From the U16 player attending CHL and NCAA Showcase tournaments to the NHL Player hitting the ice in front of 20,000 fans…

The rinks are flooded with scouts and recruiters.

it can all be a little overwhelming.

Pinnacle Hockey Management works with the player and family to reduce this stress.


The truth is, we hope all options are available and the player is in an enviable position to choose his course. Pinnacle Hockey Management educates the player and family on each and every option.

The ever-evolving NCAA eligibility regulations and academic requirements, Major Junior Scholastic Agreements and NCAA Scholarships. We have had many players in the QMJHL, OHL, and NCAA and use the invaluable experience we have gained over the years to help our players and families make the decision that they are most comfortable with.

Our goal is to provide the best opportunity for long-term success, not only in hockey but also after the player’s career ends. We work to keep all possible options open until the right one comes along. This can happen at 16 or at 21. Regardless of which direction our players take and when it happens, you can be sure we have worked as hard as possible to find the right opportunity.

“Adrian has always been there supporting and guiding both myself and my family through my path from minor hockey to the OHL and now as a draft pick of the Detroit Red Wings and playing for their affiliate in Toledo” – Cole Fraser


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