Founded in 2009, NASHA provides a total membership, the most economical, including the best coverage insurance program. Our Insurance Broker is Player’s Health Cover Canada Inc. Which offers one of the most affordable hockey insurance options as part of our Membership Program.

Membership Program Highlights (Youth/Adult):

  • $5 million general liability
  • On-ice accidental medical and dental coverage
  • Certificate of Insurance, including the arena, municipality and sponsors as additional insured
  • Coverage extends to volunteers, including timekeepers, coaches, trainers, etc., who are directly connected to the group.

We are pleased to work with you again this year; we thank you for providing Hockey to the young children in your care and wish you the best of success. Thank you for being a member of NASHA Sports. Your membership provides you with Insurance from our Broker.

Players Health Cover Canada Inc.

P.O. Box 10052 Meadowlands

Ancaster, ON L9K 1P2


PHONE: 905-308-0604


We have prepared a PayPal invoice; see the link below. If you have questions about your invoice, please get in touch with us at nashasports@gmail.com.

You can pay via e-transfer to nashasports@gmail.com (preferred method to save Credit Card Fees as we are a non-profit organization) or, if necessary, via credit card through PayPal. (You do not need a PayPal account; you can click pay by Credit Card)


Please look at the attached certificate you provide to the arenas when renting ice from them. You would also give a copy of this certificate to the operators of any tournament you attend. We have attached all the information documents providing the details of your NASHA Membership. 


You will also find OUR Waiver that we require every family to complete. OR you can use your Waiver if you already have one. Having an electronic waiver as part of your registration process is best, making getting parents’ agreement and retaining the document easier. You must print copies otherwise and have physical signatures kept on file.

You are responsible for keeping these waivers on file in case of a claim. You can scan and keep copies of these waivers on your computer for easier retrieval in the future. If you perform the waiver process as part of your registration, retain copies of those registration lists on your computer. 

We no longer need players’ names reported to us, but please give us a final count of the number of players’ and coaches’ attending your Event, Hockey School, Camp or playing on your Team to confirm the number of insured members. For Leagues and Tournaments, we require the number of teams playing.


We want to list the rinks as additionally insured on your certificate. IMPORTANT When booking ice, you can ask the arena if they have charged you for Insurance within their pricing and ask them to refund you. Can you present the certificate to them?


The Term of this agreement is based on the type of insurance coverage purchased within your membership.

Hockey Schools – Annual Policy January 1 to January 1

Camps Only – Dates of the Camp

Spring/Summer Hockey Teams – January 1 to August 31

Leagues – 3on3 – 4on4 – 5on5 – Dates of the League

Tournaments – Dates of the Tournament

The payment of our invoice shows an agreement with the terms and conditions.

The member indicated on our invoice is Insured and Sanctioned by NASHA.

There are no refunds, but insurance coverage will be extended in the cases of Hockey Shutdowns, as with COVID-19.

NASHA employs our Website, Email, and Social Media Campaigns to promote your business; if you disagree with using your name, the member must inform NASHA via email.

NASHA will provide members with insurance certificates and Policy documents to manage all procedures correctly.

We have made videos explaining procedures; we apologize for already sending them to you. It is safer to double-check. We suggest that someone in your management group read the policies to understand what the policies cover and to be able to answer any family concerns. 


“Additional Premium is required, and the “Team must complete travel forms. (attached)” 

Our Broker and Underwriter must approve travel, so please give us as much notice as possible

You are covered for Liability Insurance only.

To obtain player injury coverage, parents must get Travel Insurance (which they should do for their whole family) through a parent’s employee plan (if their company offers it) or from a third party like CAA, RBC or Blue Cross etc. In most cases, they can do this via phone or a website. 


NASHA welcome


The Policies


Program Registration


USA/Europe Trips


Partnership with Players Health for your player’s safety.


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