Global Hockey Series is your premiere destination experience tournament company. We provide on ice and off ice experiences for all our guests and families. Enjoy the games and enjoy the scenery.


The Global Hockey Series has been designed to give our youth players an elite arena of competitive play for teams around the world. GHS is open to all teams starting at the mite level through midget and we offer divisions at the A, AA, Tier 2 AAA, and AAA levels.

We inspire to make a positive impact with youth players/goalies, teams and parents. Our destinations allow families to treat our events as family trips, our partners provide cost competitive activities for all, and our event itself provides an experience you’ve yet to see. Our presenters and speakers take the time to educate players/goalies on development points outside the ice rink (mental toughness, physical therapy, personal care, training regime and sports physiology). We are truly honored and thrilled to have you a part of the Global Hockey Series. From the experience to the destination we have you covered.

Global Hockey Series allows all teams to participate in our events year round, eliminating the sanctioning organizations and allowing teams from all organizations to participate against new teams. We provide private insurance through our carrier that ensures our coverage meets and exceeds in some areas, compared to others. There are absolutely no politics involved, no favoritism or flawed competition with GHS

“Experience Your Destination with GHS”


GHS changes the hockey world landscape of “typical tournaments/cookie cutter tournaments” and provide youth hockey teams the ability to play, compete without complicated restrictions ANYWHERE. Our team matches teams to their skills set, to ensure competitive games. Our tournaments are non-sanctioned all year long, which allows all USA hockey, AAU, tournament teams to enter all year.

Here at GHS we think out of the box and for the players and coaches! What do the players and coaches want? What will give the teams and players the best experience? We have all those questions answered, here’s why GHS is different.

Experience the difference with GHS!

  • Lower registration fee’s. We understand hockey is an expensive support but you don’t need to pay thousands to experience a quality showcase weekend.
  • We focus on the players and ensure their experience is nothing short of AMAZING!
  • We run 3-6 games over Friday, Saturday and Sunday for each team to accommodate families.
  • Showcase apparel is available online only available for purchase up to 14 days in advance of the selected showcase. We do not host onsite apparel or nix nak pushers.
  • We provide new teams for every showcase from all around the nation! You won’t ever play the same team again in a showcase.
  • We provide all players & coaches with GHS welcoming gifts, and high quality championship hardware.
  • We provide destination spots for family trips and activity packages. We assist and offer family packages as well.
  • We play tag up offsites, no ice on the penalty kill, and allow correct body usage at the lower birth years.
  • Plus much more!
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