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Understanding how things work can be exhausting and confusing.

Navigating NCAA regulations, maintaining eligibility, and obtaining scholarships is daunting. By acting as a family advisor, we offer counseling to parents and players on different leagues’ rules, determine how teams can work for you, and provide you with the options that best serve your interests.

Making sure the player or parent has somewhere to turn to get correct information on how teams and leagues operate gives players the opportunity to get maximum exposure to the highest levels of hockey.

Our relationships with OHL, NCAA, and Junior ‘A’ coaches and scouts help get you maximum exposure to all of the teams through scouting reports and continual team updates.

For any player to be successful he must fully understand not only what is expected of him, but to also see what needs to be done to get to the next level in hockey and in life.

We sit down with each player and their family members to look at the big picture, in terms of where they stand, where they want to be and how are they going to get there.

Cain Hockey Management works closely with the NCAA and its institutions to ensure all guidelines are followed in respect to the role of family advisor. The NCAA’s rules in governing the relationship between the family advisor, the player and the family remain strict, therefore it is important that these guidelines are always respected and followed.

Cain Hockey Management has a team that works closely with players and family members to help identify the best situations, both in hockey and academically, for the player so he can achieve his goals at an NCAA school. We work with the schools and the players’ families to find the best fits in all facets and ensure all parties are comfortable. The result is each player benefits from playing hockey at a high level and receiving a great education.


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