3 V Sports Management



About Us
3V Sports Management was founded in 2023 to prioritize the focus on player marketability in what is now an overly saturated hockey market.
With our professional experience in hockey, our client managers are able to effectively analyze player profiles to determine their best fit moving forward in order to catapult their professional careers in the right direction.

The world of hockey is full of many winding paths, and at 3V, we are here to design the best one built for you intelligently.
What does ‘3V’ stand for?
The 3 Vs in data analytics are volume, velocity, and variety. In our firm, we utilize the 3 Vs to help market our players as efficiently and effectively as possible. We assess player comparables, market data, and historical data on contract signings and team movement to determine where each player is best fit for their future.

VOLUME: Ensuring your name matches the proper teams you can qualify for. We don’t leave any stone unturned for your visibility and player radar.

VELOCITY: Timeliness in the hockey world is key. Marketing you at the correct time and to the correct people is critical in getting eyes on you at opportune times.

VARIETY: We do not focus on one single path for a client. We explore multiple options and routes that could be potential landing spots, and then develop a greater focus in one area depending on the interest level received.

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