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NASHA is an Alliance of Spring Hockey Organizations and created for the advancement of Spring Hockey as well as to provide development and protection of Spring Hockey Players and Coaches through it's membership package. Pricing of memberships vary based on insurance coverage as it is the most variable cost in our membership. You will see other values for your membership under "Other Benefits Tab" on the website.  

NASHA is proud to partner with Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers for our insurance products available to members of NASHA.

Spring and summer hockey leagues are the hottest trend in Ice Hockey and have been launched in most Canadian and USA hockey markets. The increase in popularity has been driven by year-round demand for hockey programs from both players and parents.  Based on the increased demand there is a tremendous opportunity to offer kids enhanced hockey skills.

To this point, spring hockey has developed through demand in individual markets, and although many private leagues have had success there is little doubt that spring hockey would develop a greater legitimacy in North America if it was fully sanctioned by an organization that could add important features including, but not limited to, player and coach insurance.

Parents often sign their children up for spring programs thinking they are insured by the league they play for in the winter.  Normally, this is not the case. NASHA brings a comprehensive insurance policy that includes liability, accidental player, coaches, and volunteer coverage for spring hockey teams/programs.  It will be available to all teams who register with NASHA and pay a memberships fee.

NASHA EXPANSION - Our customer base through Spring Hockey has asked us to expand our coverage's to include Hockey Schools, Camps, 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 leagues, Tournaments etc. We offer these services now and have separate tabs on our website that explain these memberships. 

Other benefits of Membership, over time. 

NASHA will:

  • Over time provide Coaching programs specifically designed to train coaches in proper player skill development.
  • Increase participation by marketing and promoting the benefits of spring hockey and building relationships with member leagues and other partners.
  • Be an advisor to families and players
  • Provide a positive hockey experience in a safe, competitive, development environment
  • Encourage all participants have respect for team mates, coaches, and referees
  • Negotiate partnerships with organizations across Canada to provide support savings to Spring Teams.

                                       SANCTIONING, PROTECTING, AND GROWING SPRING HOCKEY

Program Highlights:

- $5 million general liability

- Members, participants, officials, coaches and volunteers are covered

- Injury to Participants Included

- Medical Payments per person $5000

- Tenants Legal Liability $1,000,000

- Certificate of Insurance including the arena, municipality and sponsors as additional insured

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